For her informal, barn-style wedding Zoe bought a simple top and skirt from the high street which we bridal-ised with fresh fabric overlayers.

The top was a spagetti strap vest with bustier style seam lines in stretch jersey. Zoe wanted lace here, so I sourced a great stretch lace at Goldhawk Road. The pattern on this fabric added texture without being too floral, a large motif wouldn’t have suited this small garment, and a more abstract design helped to keep a modern feeling.

high street bridal restyle top 1 sarah barkerhigh street bridal restyle top 6 sarah barker

The skirt was a wrap effect maxi skirt, unlined, gathered on to a straight waistband. To elevate the look here we added a layer of chiffon to both the skirt and waistband. I also made some alterations to improve the fit and fix some hiking problems in the original garment.

high street bridal restyle skirt 1 sarah barkerhigh street bridal restyle skirt 2 sarah barker

I also made zoe a veil! Which I’ve not really done before, but I very much enjoyed! It’s a simple polyester tulle veil, oval shaped, double layer, worn at the back at the head. It has no edging and is deorated with a line of small crystal beads at the comb.

veil 1 sarah barkerveil 2 sarah barker

Teamed with a waist sash on the big day, Zoes’ outfit looked stunning! She created a beautiful bridal look for a fraction of usual cost.

high street bridal restyle sarah barker

You can find more of Zoes’ wedding photos here.

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