I’m a pattern cutter, working full time at COS where I’ve been gainfully employed for 9 years, but what I really love is to make perfect dresses for people who can’t find quite what they want. Although the bridal wear market is large, it can feel as though your own individual taste is not catered for. It’s amazing to work with brides, creating an outfit which celebrates their ideas, flatters their figure and fits seamlessly into the overall theme of their wedding.

As I go though the stages of designing and creating exactly what each bride is looking for I’m blogging about it here and building up my portfolio of finished projects.

I’m excited to talk about new projects and am very open to taking on more work! If you’d like to get in touch about your bridal or occasion-wear needs please don’t hesitate to contact me.


I also study at the Royal School of Needlework, practicing a wide range of embroidery skills including challenging and unusual techniques. Embroidery can be incorporated into any work that I do, from all over texture to a discreet name and date inside to mark the occasion. Additionally, I am an expert in knitwear with the capacity to machine or hand knit garments and accessories.


You can find more on my wider skills and interests at my personal blog: milkbottleknits.com

You can find me all over social media: through my Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter profiles. Please get in touch with any thoughts or feelings on what I do, all these platforms are a pain in the arse to maintain and it’s nice when people stop to have a chat 🙂